SoleVestor has developed a New Marketplace, giving users the options to buy, sell, view release dates and also check out sneaker news.

Not exactly as big as we would love to be, but we will never give up and will 1 day acheive our goal of being the biggest marketplace. Thanks to all of our supporters. Thanks to all of our shoppers. Thanks to all of our store owners and users who have been verified to sell shoes.

June 2016


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Create an account and shop until you drop. Check out all of the sneaker stores current selling with us, view release dates for upcoming shoes, and read sneaker news to keep you informed. Sell your shoes and make a profit. While your selling we're advertising for you. Create your listings and become a part of history while users logon and view your storefront.

What is SoleVestor's Intention?

To become 1 of the biggest online marketplace's of time. We know dreams come with patience, and because of that we will never give up until we are. We look forward to providing a marketplace for user's, being simple, convenient, and honest. Promising store owners loyalty and security, we will treat your marketplace as our own.