Seller FAQ's

Buyer FAQ's

How do I start selling?
- Interested in selling? To start selling all you need is a paypal account. Create an account, upload your listing and start selling instantly!

How much does SoleVestor charge?
- At SoleVestor, we do not charge you anything at all to upload and sell out of your store. The only fee that is charged is an 8% processing fee. SoleVestor will treat your store as if it is ours. No fees to list, no fees to start, and also no billing monthly. All processing fees are charge during the transaction.

How many products can my store have?
- There is no limit. Upload, sale, and edit your listings as many times as you need to. All we ask is, if you have the same product, in multiple sizes and quantities, please use our "Additional Options" button.

Will I need a PayPal account?
- Absolutely. PayPal makes it possible for sells to be safely done across multiple countries, with top notch payment security. It is very simple to obtain a PayPal account, sign up at Paypal. Be sure to stay up to date with Paypal's Fees that they charge per transaction.

Who has control over my store?
- You, and only you. SoleVestor will provide you with all you need to run your successful online store. You add the products and we will promote them.

What is the store policy?
- This here is your message to buyers. You can write your shipping rates, return, exchange and payment policies here. Feel free to list and more information that may be useful to buyers.

How do I refund/cancel an order?
- You would log into your PayPal account and open the transaction you would like to have a refund on. There will be a "Refund" button which will return the payment to the buyer of the product. Once refund is processed, the order will be removed. Refunded orders will be moved from your user dashboard.

What if something goes wrong with purchase?
- No need to think that way! SoleVestor is a proud partner of PayPal. We have professionally integrated PayPal to integrate all of our transactions within our seller's stores. This keeps your transaction protected from the time you buy it, up until it arrives at your door and even some time after you have owned it. Your protected in the following cases:
1. Your order does not arrive to you.
2. Order arrives, but is not in condition as described.

This protection covers all purchases made on SoleVestor. You must dispute with Paypal within 180 days of purchase to initiate Purchase Protection.

How can I purchase?
- You can use Credit Card, Debit Cards through PayPal account to purchase. Once you purchase, seller receives the money and the process is rolling.

Is a PayPal account needed to buy?
- A buyer does not need a paypal account to purchase. However the sell still goes through Paypal but the buyer is not forced to create an account.

Shipping rates, payments and returns?
- Each store has they're own option to upload they're store policies. Listed here will be all the inmportant information the seller provides to the user. Please reach out to seller before purchase to have a complete understanding.